Getting to Bahama Villa

Bahama Villa is located at Ten Bay (pics) near the center of Eleuthera, about eight miles south of Governor's Harbour and 16 miles south of Governor's Harbour Airport (GHB). Most travelers make connection in either Miami (MIA) or Ft. Lauderdale (FLL), flying directly to GHB for about $400 RT.

PLAN AHEAD. Be sure to check with the Airlines and secure your flights before making final Bahama Villa reservations. For the best deals on flights, we recommend TraVerus Travel. Just click on "Book Travel" and "Air Fare" to get their Expedia quote. You can also book Caribbean cruises and more at this site.

AIR TRAVEL OPTIONS to Eleuthera can sometimes be limited. Most guests choose to arrive at GHB via TwinAir, Continental, or BahamasAir or SouthernAir through Nassau (NAS). Delta also flies on occassion to North Eleuthera Airport (ELH) from Atlanta (ATL) but is sporadic. Be aware, however, that changes happen all the time and the above information may or may not be accurate. Check with carriers for updated destinations, times and dates, and show up at the airport about an hour or so before schedule since small carriers sometimes depart early.

You might think about spending the night either in Ft. Lauderdale or Nassau for more stress-free travel unless your home is in Florida (or Atlanta if flying Delta). USAir Express cut back extensively a few years ago, but we hear they still have flights to the island. Continental also flies directly from FLL to GHB with stopoffs in North Eleuthera (ELH). For the best deals on flights, check with the smaller carriers LynxAir and TwinAir. If you like a bit of nightlife and gambling before arriving, AirTran also provides flights from Atlanta (ATL) to both Nassau and Freeport. SpiritAir has also started offering flights to Nassau. From there you can make connections to GHB on a smaller carrier. Check with Individual Airlines for more details.

ALTERNATIVE TRAVEL. You can also get to Eleuthera by mailboat, Fast Ferry from Nassau, or via private charter. See the Flights Page for details.

ISLAND TRANSPORTATION. Our friend and manager Arthur Nixon can meet you at GHB with a car or taxi. If you are arriving at ELH or Rock sound Airport (RS), we suggest you catch a taxi to GHB or the villa, whichever is closer. We can arrange with Arthur to have your car waiting for you. If you prefer to call Arthur directly, he can be reached on his cell phone at (242) 359-7879. He also works at the GHB airport pub during parts of the mid-day if you arrive and need to locate him. Car rentals are about $55/day and a taxi ride from GHB to Bahama Villa is about the same cost. Should you fly into North Eleuthera, there is a $85 one-way taxi fee (for 2) back to GHB airport or $100 to the villa. Remember: Eleuthera is actually a very long island. Avoid this expense if you can. Rock Sound (RS) is actually closer, served by both BahamasAir and TwinAir, with taxi fee to the house about half of what it would be from ELH.

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