THANK YOU for Applying Online!
You have two ways to pay...

Payment Method #1:  PayPal

Now you can use your major credit card or checking account with PayPal. This way you can even pay off your balance over time.  Simply take the total amount from the Online Booking Application, click on the PayPal link below, and fill in the entire amount in the space given.  

Payment Method #2: Check

If you prefer, you can send the full amount to us in the form of a check or money order. Simply enter the check number online, make the check out to "Emmy Buckman," then fax a copy of the check to 1-561-863-3136 (or scan and send via email) before mailing.  Mail to:  Emmy Buckman, 1121 Singer Drive, Singer Island, FL  33404. 

Application and payment proof must be received in our office before we can reserve your spot. PayPal notifies us automatically and we will reserve your spot immediately.  

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NOTE: We use PayPal because we found using a third-party vendor is the best way to keep your credit information safe. It also allows us to keep our costs down and focus on your vacation needs instead of worrying about online fraud, storage costs, etc. PayPal also owns and is available in 36 countries. Note: any transaction made online through PayPal does not involve us. However if you have any difficulties with either, we will be happy to accept your personal check (if time allows) or provide you with some other assistance.